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EM.I.LI.O.-V.AVA.REL.L.A. | Ritratto condivisoRitratto a catenaPasswordrelazionale

VISIT WEBSITE (2010-2011)

The pressures of political and economic powers against the freedom of information have many guises and many levels. From the dismantling of the P2P, the trial of Julian Assange and the file-sharing site thePiratebay, the closing of Megavideo by the FBI, and the monitoring of Facebook and Twitter, to the SOPA and the sub-sequent laws in other countries… This project is a website that was created during the workshop THE FESTIVAL OF THE LIVING (LA FESTA DEI VIVI) organized during the fall of 2012 by Negro, Fantin, Pietroiusti, Norese and Presicce. I began, and shared, my reflection on the death of the freedom of information and I developed a pirate service to share a series of documentaries and texts.

Posted by Emilio Vavarella