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EM.I.LI.O.-V.AVA.REL.L.A. | Ritratto condivisoRitratto a catenaPasswordrelazionale

2010-2011. Oil on canvas and Ink jet print on paper. 10 elements. Installation

To create Ritratto a catena (Chain Portrait) I sent my photographic portrait to a writer, inviting her to create a description of my face. Afterwards, I sent that description to a painter, who had never seen me, asking her to create a painting of the figure described. After receiving her portrait, which only partially resembled me, I once again sent it to a writer, starting a process of creation and transformation from a distance. From writing to painting and vice versa, ten artists agreed to alternate with one another in the creation of these linguistic transformations.




Exhibited at: STRATEGIES OF FRIENDSHIP, EMI.LI.O.-V.AVA.REL.L.A. curated by Sergio  Luongo, Square23 Gallery, Turin, Italy

Artists: Clarissa Barone – Annalisa Lenzi – Roberta calò – Giovanni Bosica – Massimiliano Bardotti – Lidia Acquaviva – Gilly Sephira – Germana Ponti – Luca pizzolito – Anna Laura Monzi

Posted by Emilio Vavarella