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EM.I.LI.O.-V.AVA.REL.L.A. | Ritratto condiviso • Ritratto a catenaPasswordrelazionale

EM.I.LI.O.-V.AVA.REL.L.A. (EMInente Ironica LIibera Organizzazione Vera AVAnguardia RELazionale Laboratorio Artistico) is the name of an experiment: a virtual entity inhabited by the souls of many people. For twelve months (01/01/2010-01/01/2011), I stopped producing as a single artist and created a platform with my name for aggregation, first virtually, then with exhibitions and projects in various European cities. The experience and the three works that ensued began by investigating the power of aggregation, cooperation, self-promotion, alternative economy and power relations within a group.





Ritratto condiviso (Shared Portrait) is an artwork about strategies of visibility and possibility of relationships in a digital environment








Ritratto a catena (Chain Portrait) is an artwork about power and  linguistic transformations










Passwordrelazionale is a file sharing website about the death of free information







EM.I.LI.O.-V.AVA.REL.L.A. was exhibited at STRATEGIES OF FRIENDSHIP, EMI.LI.O.-V.AVA.REL.L.A. curated by Sergio  Luongo, Square23 Gallery, Turin, Italy

The project also includes, the PMAT (Small Temporary Artistic Manifesto), with which all of the participants complied, and a few Guerrilla Marketing operations in Paris, Pisa, Riccione, Vilnius, Kaunas and Riga to publicize the project.

Ritratto Condiviso (Shared Portrait) was selected as cover of: Pier Luigi Albini, Arte. Saggi recensioni percorsi di lettura, Ticonzero, ebook

Posted by Emilio Vavarella