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MNEMOSCOPIO, 2020. Site-specific public art installation with modified XR headset, 360° immersive 8K video, environmental dimensions, sound.

MNEMOSCOPIO is a site-specific public art installation for the territory of the Cape of Leuca. It is composed of an experimental XR (Cross Reality) headset through which the physical reality of the installation site overlaps with a navigable 3D virtual map of memories. The map was generated by extracting data from a series of interviews with local residents who had moved abroad but ultimately decided to settle in the Cape of Leuca territory. The installation offers the possibility of virtually traveling through a landscape of ephemeral memories, and continues my research on the relationship between memory and technology.


Details of the headset


  • (Upcoming Solo Exhibition) MNEMOSCOPIO, curated by Ramdom, Capo di Leuca, Italy


  • This work is a public art commission produced and curated by Ramdom with the support of MiBACT and SIAE, as part of the “Per Chi Crea – New Works” program for the creation and production of new artworks.
  • The 3D map was produced through satellite and aerial imagery of Paris and Mulhouse (France); Konstanz and Munich (Germany); Swindon (UK), Brooklyn (US), Bern, Geneve and Dübendorf (Switzerland), integrated with 8K footage shot with a Insta360 Pro camera for 360° Virtual Reality, using the cross-platform game engine Unity.
  • Special thanks to Young Joo Lee for the video editing and to Gabriele Panico / Larssen for the sound editing.
  • Additional technical support was offered by Rus Gant and the Earth and Planetary Sciences: Visualization Research and Teaching Laboratory at Harvard University.
  • This work is dedicated to all those who accepted to share their memories with me: Cosimo L.; Lucia F.; Franco R.; Annarita P.; Federico C.; Antonietta C.; Paolo M.; Stefania C.; Michele V.; Giuliana S.; Francesca M. and Vito C.; Antonio S.; Rosario Z.
  • Additional info can be found on the project’s blog:


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