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Low Form. Imaginaries and Visions in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Vavarella, Emilio. “What is it like for a computer bot to be a computer bot?” and “Visual Essay”
Catalogue of exhibition at MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, CURA Editions, 2018 (ita-eng).
Error, Ambiguity, Creativity: A Multidisciplinary Reader
Vavarella, Emilio. “The Artist as Media-Flâneur: Strategies of Counter-Mapping in the Age of Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Street View”
Book edited by Sita Popat and Sarah Whatley, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018 (eng).
Robot Love: Can We Learn From Robots About Love?
Vavarella, Emilio. “Interview with a Drone”
Catalogue of exhibition at Niet Normaal Foundation, 2018 (eng).
That’s IT! On the newest generation of artists in Italy and one meter eighty from the border
Vavarella, Emilio. “THE GOOGLE TRILOGY – COMPENDIUM: Or on the Rise of the Media-Flâneur”
Catalogue of exhibition at MAMbo – Museo di Arte Moderna di Bologna, 2018 (ita-eng).
Artist book.
Vavarella, Emilio. “Animal Cinema: A World Remaking Cinema for Itself”
Published in collaboration with GALLLERIAPIÙ, Cambridge and Bologna, 2017 (eng).



The Huffington Post (Italian Edition)
“Low Form, la mostra al Maxxi è un viaggio nell’immaginario surreale degli artisti di oggi”
2018 (ita)
Challenging Corporealities: Reconfigurations between Materiality and Discursivity
Costa, Flavia. “Nuestros Datos, ¿Nosotros Mismos?” [“Our data, ourselves? Art, technology and subjectivity in the era of genetic surveillance and algorithmic governmentality”]
Book edited by Daniel López del Rincón, University of Barcelona Press, 2018 (spa).
WIRED (UK Edition)
“These photos capture the invisible workers of the internet”
by Thomas McMullan, 2018 (eng)



Technoculture (Unità di Ricerca sulle Tecnoculture, Università degli Studi di Napoli ‘L’Orientale’)
“Di cosa parlano i chatbot quando parlano fra loro?”
by Federica Timeto, 2017 (ita).
“Art Brussels 2018”
Reportage by Dominque Moulon, 2018 (eng).
Il Sole24Ore (Postcinema).
Animal Cinema
Review by Simone Arcagni, 2018 (ita).
Am Strand: Bild und Text zur Zukunft
Vavarella, Emilio. “The Digital Skin Series and The Google Trilogy”
Winter 2017/18, n.2 (deu-eng).
Curatorial text.
“RE-CAPTURE: Room(s) for Imperfection”
by Federica Patti, 2017 (ita-eng).



“Low Form. Arte digitale in mostra al Maxxi di Roma”
by Lorenzo Taiuti, 2018. (ita)
Il Manifesto
“L’arte esplora l’inconscio delle macchine”
by Andrea Capocci, 2018 (ita)
“The influence of digital and robotic techniques on sculpture.” (Tentative title)
MA Thesis by Bram Rinkel, advisor: Ria de Boodt).
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium, 2018 (eng)



“Il volto dell’intelligenza artificiale”
by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi, 2018 (ita)
“L’opera d’arte nell’epoca dell’IA”
by Valentina Muzi, 2018 (ita)
Wall Street International Magazine. 
“Re-Capture. Room (s) for Imperfection. Solo show di Emilio Vavarella”
2017 (ita).
Il Corriere della Sera
“L’intelligenza artificiale in mostra”
2018 (ita)



Juliet Art Magazine
“Emilio Vavarella: RE-CAPTURE: Room(s) for Imperfection”
2017 (ita-eng)..
Studi Culturali (Il Mulino)
“La specie è un ossimoro.”
by Federica Timeto, 2017 (ita).
“Animal Cinema: quando dietro la telecamera non c’è l’occhio umano”
Review by Valerio Veneruso, 2017 (ita).



Il Fatto Quotidiano
“Animal Cinema, quando cani, polipi, scimmie e orsi diventano registi di un film”
Review by Davide Turrini, 2017 (ita)
“Animal Cinema di Emilio Vavarella”
Review by Marco Romagna, 2017 (ita)
Mise en Abyme
“Emilio Vavarella”
Interview by Mattia Pajé. 2017 (ita).
Artist book
Vavarella, Emilio. “fragments”
Independent publication, NYC, US (ita-eng).



Digital Creativity
Vavarella, Emilio. “Interview with the Drone: Experimenting with Post-Anthropocentric Art Practice”
Edited by Stanislav Roudavski, Special issue on Post-Anthropocentric Creativity, Routledge, vol.27. n.1. 2016 (eng).
Behind the Smart World: Saving, Deleting and Resurfacing Data
Vavarella, Emilio. “THE GOOGLE TRILOGY: Or How To Play With Google Street View”
Book edited by Linda Kronman and Andreas Zingerle, AMRO Research Lab, Linz, Austria, 2016 (eng).
CITARJournal – Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts
Vavarella, Emilio. “Art, Error and the Interstices of Power”
Edited by Jorge Cardoso, vol.7. n.2. December 2015 (eng).
Artist book
Vavarella, Emilio and Daniel Belquer. “MNEMODRONE – CHAPTER TWO”
Independent publication, developed for ISEA2015 – 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art, Disruption, NYC, US (eng). 
Artist book
Vavarella, Emilio and Daniel Belquer. “MNEMODRONE – CHAPTER ONE”
Independent publication, developed for CultureHub, RE FEST: Art + Technology Festival, NYC, US (eng).



WIRED Japanese edition
Enhanced Vision
magazine, vol.13, September 2014. (jap)
Fair Game. Martha Buskirk On Networked Photography and Copyright
magazine, summer 2014, vol.52, no.10. (eng)
Leonardo, The Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology
MIT Press, vol.47, no.4, 2014. (eng)
Mnemoscape Magazine, The Anarchival Impulse
SHOWCASE: Emilio Vavarella, The Sicilian Family
issue#1, 2014. (eng)



Artist book.
Vavarella, Emilio. “RE: Animation”
Independent publication, Cambridge, 2017 (eng).
Digital Creativity
Art Space: ACM SIGGRAPH Art Gallery 2014
Routledge, Volume 25Issue 4, 2014, pp.360-368. (eng)
Visual Studies
“Navigating the Operative Image”
Routledge, Vol. 29, No.3, pp. 261-271. (eng)
Official Catalogue
“Memorie: Arte, Immagini e Parole del Terremoto in Friuli”
Text by Andrea Bruciati, Skira Editore, 2016. (ita)
Museo Rimodificato: Art sine Scientia nihil est
Emilio Vavarella: The Sicilian Family
interview by Giulia Meloni for Antoni Muntadas Visual Arts Lab at Iuav University of Venice, 2016. (ita)



Le Monde
“Avez-vous déjà vu les mutants de Google Street View?”
2016. (fra)
“The Digital Skin Series: The Stranger in my Face”
Vol. 55, centrefold, 2017. (eng)
Orizzonti Mobili
by Carlo Sala, Speciale Cultura 6, n.52, 2016, pp.158-160 (ita)
Visual Communication Quarterly
“Portfolio: The Digital Skin Series”
Edited by xtine burrough, Taylor & Francis, v.23, n.3, 2017. (eng)
“Art & Copyright”
n.50. 2014. (eng)



by Monica Bosaro and Emma Stanisic,n.75. (eng)
Official Catalogue
“18th Japan Media Arts Festival”
p.62, 2014. (jap-eng)
The New Aesthetic and Art: Constellations of the Postdigital
Book edited by Scott Contreras-Koterbay and Lukasz Mirocha
Institute of Network Cultures, 2016. (eng)
Behind the Picture
Edited by Aaron Brumbelow, ISSUE02, online publication, p.13, 2013. (eng)
Digital Culture
“18th Japan Media Arts Festival: Digital Meets Culture”
2015. (jap)



Curatorial text
Italian Theory and The Art of Trolling
by Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti. (eng)
WIRED, Italian Edition
Street View, Google abbiamo un problema
2013. (ita)
WIRED, Japanese Edition
Incredible Glitches from Google Street View
2014. (jap)



Curatorial text
ITALIANS ON THE JOB: Inside and Outside an Anarchival Impulse
by Monica Bosaro, 2014. (eng)
Curatorial text
A Question of Stealing?
by Emma Stanisic, 2014. (eng)
Allons Enfant 5
interview by Andrea Bruciati, 2014. (ita)
Parola d’Artista
2014. (ita)
DIVA – Jorunal of The Society for Art and Science
vol.36, 2014. (jap)



Curatorial text
embarrassment party
by Marii Nyrop, 2014. (eng)
Svenska Dagbladet
Smileys kan dölja hur vi känner oss
2014. (swe)



A Linking Book
Catalogue of exhibition at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy (ita-eng).
Inside the Emoji Art & Design Show
2013. (eng)
The Huffington Post
Google Street View Glitches Become Beautiful Art
2013. (eng)



The Huffington Post
Emoji Art Reveals The Dark Side Of The Smiley Face
2013. (eng)
The Wilderness in the Machine: Glitch and the Poetic of Error
n.59 – Art, Politics, Technology, 2014. (eng)
Courrier International – Le Monde
Aux frontières du réel
January 2014. (fra)
“Creators: Emilio Vavarella”
by Daniel Bejar, 2014, n.28, p.97. (eng)



Photomediations Machine
The Google Trilogy
2013. (eng)



laRepubblica D
Giovani in mostra
2012. (ita)
Inspired by Google
2014. (eng)
Il Giornale dell’Arte
Bevilacqua iperselettiva
2012. (ita)
La meglio gioventù: Azioni
by Andrea Bruciati, 2016. (ita)



Emilio Vavarella
2013. (eng)
Il bello di ECHO BACK
2014. (ita)
2012. (eng)



NEW MEDIA ART EXPERIENCE: Media digitali, forme e contesti della produzione artistica contemporanea.
Doctoral Thesis in “Comunicazione e Nuove Tecnologie” by Paolo Mele, IULM University, Milan, Italy.
2014-15. (ita)
LAB magazine
The Shape of Information When No One is Looking & Report a Problem
n.6, online + print publication, 2013. (eng)
7 Cute and Clever Art Pieces Made using Emoji
2013. (eng)



WIRED Italian Edition
“Mon3y as an 3rror, la mostra di Vasily Zaitsev”
2013. (ita)
The Creators Project
“New Online Exhibition Fuses Money and Digital Art”
2013. (eng)
“Eyebeam Will Show You How To Get Privacy Back From Prism”
2013. (eng)



“Premio Francesco Fabbri per le Arti Contemporanee 2015”
2015. (ita)
The Creators Project
“The Wrong New Digital Art Biennial Brings Together The Best Of The Net”
2015. (eng)
The Creators Project
“Explore an Extraterrestrial Dimension of New Media Art”
2015. (eng)
“Nueva, híbrida y… equivocada”
2015. (spa)
Blanc Magazine
“Report a Problem”
2013. (eng)



GAI Giovani Artisti Italiani: Diario Web
“Il Progetto. L’Invervista. Il Resoconto”
Interview by Valeria Lacarra, 2015. (ita)
Data Improvisations
Official catalogue VISAP’15, p.21. (eng)
“Italiano trasforma bug do Google Street View em Arte”
2014. (por)
Re-Building the Future
“Emilio Vavarella and The Sicilian Family”
Official Catalogue, 2015. (ita-eng)
Celeste Network
Lapsus Prize
Critical text by Marinella Paderni, 2013. (ita-eng)



ETC Media
“La photographie avalée par le numérique”
by Sylvain Campeau, v.106, automne/hiver 2015. (fra)
Artist book
Vavarella, Emilio and Francesco Nordio. “ASKING ABOUT ART”
Indipendent publication under the sponsorship of Iuav University of Venice, Italy, 2011-14. (ita)

The Japan Times
“18th Japan Media Arts Festival”
2015. (jap)
Official Catalogue – 95ma Collettiva Giovani Artisti
“Emilio Vavarella”
p.50-51, 2012. (ita)
Doing Digital Humanities
Putting the Humanities in Digital Humanities
2013. (eng)




ANIMAL. “Video Interview” 2013. (eng)
SIGGRAPH SCOOP. “Video Interview” 2014. (eng)
MTBS. “Video Interview” 2014. (eng)