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Emilio Vavarella, DREAMSCAPES Analytica® (2017); site-specific networked installation; custom software, router, two tripods with light bulbs, LED sign, FitBit and Raspberry PI; variable dimensions.

DREAMSCAPES Analytica® is a fragmented installation that connects the body of the artist with an assemblage of devices, software, networks and systems of analysis and economization of his sleep; and that investigates the relationship between productivity, rest and the data economy. The recent introduction of smartphone applications, tools and devices for the 24/7 monitoring of the body has resulted in the inscription of sleep within a system of production ruled by quantification, analysis, objectivity and efficiency.

Developed for an exhibition at Moitre Gallery, DREAMSCAPES Analytica® monitors the activities of the artist for the entire length of the exhibition through a constant extrapolation of data, and works as both an “entertainment machine” and a “currency converter.” The artwork produces light patterns that are synced to the artist’s body and that reach their intensity’s peak when the artist is deeply asleep. Simultaneously, DREAMSCAPES Analytica® assigns a value in Euros (the local currency), to each moment of rest, and displays the generated value on a screen. The artwork can be bought and sold only for the ever-increasing value displayed on this screen.

Installation at Galleria Moitre

Sleep Patterns


  • (Triple Solo Exhibition) GALLERIA MOITRE, Irene Dionisio / Lavinia Raccanello / Emilio Vavarella, Turin, Italy

​Special thanks to Sam Tarakajian, programmer and to Cassie Tarakajian and Ana Giraldo-Wingler.