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THE ITALIAN JOB | Job n.1, embarrassment party • Job n.2, An-Archiving Game

THE ITALIAN JOB is a series of conceptual artworks (“jobs”) that intends to highlight the hidden structures behind themes such as originality, legality, artistic legitimization, collective processes, digital labor and the relationship between artists and curators in the age of the Internet. The title is an homage to the Italian Theory, which is a political philosophy rooted in collective processes and theoretical practice.  




THE ITALIAN JOB – Job n.1, embarrassment party. I was selected for a digital artist residency program on the topic of cloud computing called embarrassment party, conceived and led by Marii Nyröp. My project consisted of stealing the entire residency program plus the eleven artworks by seven international artists created for it. With curatorial texts by Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti and Marii Nyröp.





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THE ITALIAN JOB – Job n.2, An-Archiving Game. I created an exhibition based on photographs from the FBI Archive of stolen artworks as an animated .gif for the Widget Art Gallery. I also sold my original copies using an experimental open source platform that proposes an online decentralized network for peer to peer commerce that has no fees, no intermediaries, uses BitCoins and cannot be censored. With curatorial texts by Monica Bosaro and Emma Stanisic.





  • AMRO – Art Meets Radical OpenessFestival dedicated to Art, Hacktivism and Open Culture, Behind the Smart World, curated by KairUs, Linz, Austria
  • THE WRONG, New Digital Art Biennale, Homeostasis Pavillion, curated by Julia Borges Araña and Guilherme Brandão, online exhibition
  • (Online Solo Exhibition) THE ITALIAN JOB – Job n.2, An-Archiving Game, exhibition at WAG Widget Art Gallery and auction with OpenBazaar, curated by Monica Bosaro and Emma Stanisic
  • THE ITALIAN JOB – Job n.1, embarrassment_party, curated by Marii Nyröp and Lucrezia Calabrò, online and physical exhibition at Amherst College, MA, US

The first Italian Job was supported by the Five College Digital Humanities Project (MA), US and Andrew Mellon Foundation through the embarrassment party online residency program.




Curatorial text
Italian Theory and The Art of Trolling
by Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti. (eng)
Curatorial text
embarrassment party
by Marii Nyrop, 2014. (eng)
Curatorial text
ITALIANS ON THE JOB: Inside and Outside an Anarchival Impulse
by Monica Bosaro, 2014. (eng)
Curatorial text
A Question of Stealing?
by Emma Stanisic, 2014. (eng)
Parola d’Artista
2014. (ita)



Allons Enfant\5
interview by Andrea Bruciati, 2014. (ita)
CBC Arts
“An art fair where the physical plane meets the new, digital flesh”
2015. (eng)
The Creators Project
“The Wrong New Digital Art Biennial Brings Together The Best Of The Net”
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The Creators Project
“Explore an Extraterrestrial Dimension of New Media Art”
2015. (eng)



“Nueva, híbrida y… equivocada”
2015. (spa)
Picadillo Mag
“The Wrong: una bienal de arte que no tiene nada de “equivocada”
2015. (spa)
“Launching the Largest Digital Biennale in the World on Shoestring Budget: An interview with David Quiles Guillo”
2015. (eng)
El Diario de Juárez
“Llevarán el arte a sus manos”
2015. (spa)
PAC – Plataforma De Arte Contemporàneo
“The Wrong Biennale”
2015. (spa)


“Review: The Wrong Biennale”
2015. (eng)
A Deep Dive into Digital Art
2015. (eng)
“The Wrong: New Digital Art Biennale”
2015. (eng)
Glitch art at the New Digital Art Biennale: The first online-only art biennale is live. Interface with our highlights today
2015. (eng)