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THE GOOGLE TRILOGY | Report a ProblemMichele’s StoryThe Driver and the Cameras

THE GOOGLE TRILOGY – 2.Michele’s Story, 2012. Digital prints on photographic paper. 4 elements. X:620cm; Y:136cm overall

Google Street View offers an immense public archive of panoptic images, the result of a systematic work which mechanically records aspects of life while avoiding human contact with the subjects photographed. I started working with some of these photos with Michele, a man who in 2007, as a result of an accident, became almost completely paralyzed and had memory damage. The collection of 100 photographs, a result of this collaboration, is composed of details taken from Google Street View and attempts to precariously reconstruct a single human journey by recovering snippets of stolen and dehumanized life.


  • #watch22 (2015), curated by Günter Minas, Bonifazius-Türme, Mainz, Germany
  • Luoghi Comuni Festival – Net Art Section (2015), Altamura (BA), Italy
  • EMAF 27th European Media Arts FestivalWE. THE ENEMY (2014), Kunsthalle Osnabrueck, Germany
  • SLINGSHOT, Festival of Music, Eletronic Art & Technology (2014), Athens GA, US




Kunsthalle Osnabrück widmet sich dem gläsernen Bürger
Video reportage, 2014. (deu)
Photomediations Machine
The Google Trilogy
2013. (eng)
“Art & Copyright”
n.50. (eng)