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THE GOOGLE TRILOGY | Report a ProblemMichele’s StoryThe Driver and the Cameras

THE GOOGLE TRILOGY – 3.The Driver and the Cameras, 2012. Lambda print on aluminum. 11 elements. X: 420cm; Y:20cm overall

Each Google Street View car is equipped with a Dodeca 2360 camera with eleven lenses, capable of photographing 360 degrees. Afterwards the photos are assembled, creating a stereoscopic view, and an algorithm developed by Google automatically blurs the faces of people to protect the privacy of those accidentally portrayed. To create this series of photographs, I went looking for faces that had escaped Google Street View’s algorithm. The eleven portraits I isolated immortalize the driver of the Google car. The driver is a sort of phantom power; he appears where he shouldn’t be and his presence has escaped censure. His face is the symbol of an error yet at the same time shows a human side and, perhaps, the limits of technological power.



  • #watch22 (2015), curated by Günter Minas, Bonifazius-Türme, Mainz, Germany
  • Luoghi Comuni Festival – Net Art Section (2015), Altamura (BA), Italy
  • EMAF 27th European Media Arts FestivalWE. THE ENEMY (2014), Kunsthalle Osnabrueck, Germany
  • SLINGSHOT, Festival of Music, Eletronic Art & Technology (2014), Athens GA, US
  • Jarach Gallery, Echo Back. Figure di Interferenza (2013), curated by Stefano Coletto, Venice, Italy
  • INTERNET&TACOS (2013), curated by INTERNET&TACOS, space for digital culture and Internet politics, Hildesheim, Germany
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Autonomies (2013), curated by NAPON (Institute for flexible cultures and technologies), Novi Sad, Serbia
  • COLLISION19, COmpress/DECompress (2013), guest curated by Stephanie Dvareckas, works selected by: William Tremblay, Georgina Lewis, Mark J. Stock, Rob Gonsalves and Stephanie Dvareckas, Boston Cyberarts Gallery, USA


  • Presented during the talk “Computative Metamorphosis” at Expressive 2015, Idea Chain, (2015) curated by Angus Forbes and Anil Camci, Incubation Center of Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey



Photomediations Machine
The Google Trilogy
2013. (eng)
Compress Decompress
The Driver and the Cameras
Exhibition catalogue, 2013. (eng)



“Art & Copyright”
n.50. (eng)
“Autonomije u MSUV”
2013. (srp)
Triplex – Radio Canada
Emilio Vavarella: quand les erreurs de Google deviennent de l’art
2014. (fra)